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Beginning in December Ferguson's will begin offering State Inspected Beef.  Click on the Button below to see the pricing.

Ferguson's Packing Company is your #1 source for meat processing and packing!

Whether you are in need of meat packing for beef, pork, or venison, Ferguson's Packing Company is the best in providing you with the results you expect for your fine meat products.

With over 25 years experience in meat packing and processing, Ferguson's Packing Company can create a custom package that is right for you and your family.

Stop on in and visit with us and let us put together a package that will help you fill up your freezer with quality meats that deliver the taste and quality that you expect.

Quality processed and packed meats

We process and package the finest meat products.

Attention to detail during processing

We ensure that your meats are processed and packed to your needs.

Competitive processing and packing fees

We offer extremely competitive fees when it comes to processing and packing your meat products.

Beef Processing

Beef Processing

Let us handle all of your beef processing and packing needs.

Pork Processing

Pork Processing

Let us handle all of your pork processing and packing needs.

Deer Processing

Deer Processing

Let us handle all of your deer processing and packing needs.

Ferguson's Packing Company Processing Fees

The most reasonable meat packing rates in Arkansas

Ferguson's Packing Company - Your #1 source for quality

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Don't delay - contact Ferguson's Packing Company, to learn more about how we can save you money on both your meat processing and packing fees. Don't have any livestock? No worries, you can purchase a quality steer or hog from us for your processing needs!