Deer Processing

For the finest deer processing in the River Valley area. 

Pope County's Finest Deer Processing

We want to welcome the amazing hunters of the Arkansas River Valley area to the finest in deer processing. 

Bring in your recent kills to our processing plant here at Ferguson's so we can deliver the very best in quality deer meat processing. 

We Offer The Lowest Deer Processing Prices Anywhere

Standard Deer Processing

Get the very best from the result of your expert kill shot with our standard deer processing fee. Visit with us to learn more.


Skin & Standard Processing

We have the finest to offer our dedicated hunters in the River Valley Area when it comes to Skin & Standard Processing.


Field Dress, Skin & Standard Processing

For the hunter who needs the full deer processing package, this one is customized for your specific needs. Let's get started packing  your fresh kill today!



$5 to tenderize all steaks

$2.89 per lb. for pork trimmings to make breakfast sausage

$11.00 per stick for Summer Sausage

$13.00 per stick for Summer Sausage w/ Pepper Jack

$25.00 to skin for Shoulder Mount

Special NOTE:

All skinned deer must be brought in an ice chest with PLENTY of ICE. NO EXCEPTIONS..... Also,  please be aware that there will be a $25.00 fee for skinning a deer that is dropped off without the head, as we hang them by the head to skin them.